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John Foxx

Metadelic (Deluxe 3 Disc Set)

CD/DVD £9.99

Release Date: 03/06/2013

Discs: 3

“Metadelic” is a brand new 2 CD + DVD compilation from the electronic music pioneer John Foxx, a companion volume to 2010’s “Metatronic”.

• CD1 is a mix of psychedelic and lush dream-pop tracks, starting with his highly evocative “The Garden” album in 1981 and brought right up-to-date with some heavily 60s influenced electronic tracks by John Foxx And The Maths.

• John’s work with Louis Gordon often included strands of The Beatles in the DNA and that surfaces on the likes of ‘Through My Sleeping’ and ‘Shifting City’ while 1983’s ‘The Golden Section’ remains the most psychedelic album of his career so far, and is well-represented on this compilation.

• The second disc features a selection of BBC radio sessions from 1983 and 1985, along seven 12” single mixes. Both the radio sessions and the 12” mixes appear on CD for the first time.

• The five promo videos appear on DVD for the first time, and the performance of “Europe After The Rain” from Top Of The Pops is released for the first time ever.

• The sixteen page booklet features annotation by Martin Smith

Disc 1
1. Swimmer 2
2. Miles Away
3. Europe After The Rain
4. Dancing Like A Gun
5. Endlessly
6. Twlight's Last Gleaming
7. Annexe
8. Sitting At The Edge Of The World
9. Ghosts On Water
10. An Ocean We Can Breathe
11. Through My Sleeping
12. Shifting City
13. Underwater
14. Never Been Here Before
15. Invisible Ray
16. Vapour Trails

Disc 2
1. Hiroshima Mon Amour (BBC Radio Sessions 17/12/1983)
2. Twilight's Last Gleaming (BBC Radio Sessions 17/12/1983)
3. In Mysterious Ways (BBC Radio Sessions 20/06/1985)
4. Stars On Fire (BBC Radio Sessions 20/06/1985)
5. Lose All Sense Of Time (BBC Radio Sessions 20/06/1985)
6. Hanging In The Air (BBC Radio Sessions 07/09/1985)
7. In Mysterious Ways (BBC Radio Sessions 07/09/1985)
8. Endlessly (12 Inch Version)
9. Like A Miracle (12 Inch Version)
10. A Kind Of Wave (12 Inch Version)
11. Stars On Fire (12 Inch Version)
12. Enter The Angel (12 Inch Version)
13. What Kind Of Girl (12 Inch Version)
14. Endlessly [Sparkle Mix] (12 Inch Version)

Disc 3
1. Miles Away [promo video]
2. Europe After The Rain
[Top Of The Pops 3rd September 1981]
3. Dancing Like A Gun [promo video]
4. Endlessly [promo video]
5. Stars On Fire [promo video]
6. Lose All Sense Of Time [promo video]