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John Foxx

Torn Sunset

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Release Date: 27/06/2011

Discs: 1

"Harold Budd concert - Brighton 2005. I happened to hear Theo Travis soundchecking on stage, using loops and long delays. The Brighton Dome filled with this elegant, spiralling sound. Impressive. I immediately thought it would be fascinating to sing into Theo’s music, there would be points where you wouldn’t quite know what was voice and what was instrument, a sort of confusion I particularly enjoy - like seeing a city through fog. Everything becomes more mysterious when the boundaries blur. So we talked, and he kindly sent over the recordings of ‘Slow Life’. I felt a little discouraged on hearing it, though - it sounded so beautiful as it was. Anything else might be just decoration. I played piano along with it, to get some idea of scales and structure – and discovered the pieces contained all kinds of hidden melodies. It soon became clear the tracks were rich enough to support quite another entity – related to Slow Life, but revealing other layers through these hinted, filmic melodies I was hearing. The voice might have been a nice add-on, but these were more of an architectural appreciation. That elision of instruments could still happen too, by extending the piano harmonics through reverberation and making some harmonic links with synth textures. I had a lot of fun working in this way, always loved that gentle mystery of loose, suggested melodies, and it was a real privilege to be able to uncover these other aspects of Theo’s music.'' John Foxx, 2011

Disc 1
1. Night Jewels
2. From A Brighter Place
3. Skyscraper Starlight
4. Lost Marilyn Molecule
5. Before You Disappear
6. Torn Sunset
7. All The Tides On All The Streets