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John Foxx & The Maths

The Good Shadow


Release Date: 25/02/2014

The eight tracks which originally appeared on the second disc of the John Foxx And The Maths CD The Shape Of Things have - by popular demand - been made available as a digital download. Entitled The Good Shadow, the accompanying artwork has been created by Jonathan Barnbrook.

Evergreen (Radio Mix) 3:26 £0.79
Shatterproof (Wrangler Mix) 4:45 £0.79
Where You End And I Begin (Featuring Tara Busch) 5:03 £0.79
Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix) 5:42 £0.79
The Good Shadow (Tim _Love_ Lee Mix) 4:45 £0.79
Watching A Building Burning (Grayed Out Mix) 5:36 £0.79
Interplay (Grayed Out Mix) 5:43 £0.79
Evergreen (Xeno & Oaklander Mix) 4:19 £0.79