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D'Agostino, Foxx & Jansen

A Secret Life

CD £6.99

Release Date: 23/03/2009

Discs: 1

Having met during their live performance in Brighton with Harold Budd back in May 2005, John Foxx invited Steve Jansen to record tam-tams (gongs) for a potential collaborative release. The dark tones of the tam-tams created a bed for atmospherics and acoustic piano work to be added. Due to various other commitments the release seemed to be shelved until Steve D’Agostino (Single Cycle Reorder) took the initiative and completed the work. The album will be released through Metamatic Records and will be under the names D’Agostino/Foxx/Jansen.

Disc 1
1. A Secret Life (Part 1)
2. A Secret Life (Part 2)
3. A Secret Life (Part 3)
4. A Secret Life (Part 4)
5. A Secret Life (Part 5)
6. A Secret Life (Part 6)