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John Foxx


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Release Date: 29/09/2008

Discs: 2

Glimmer: The Best of John Foxx is due for release through Demon/Edsel on September 29, 2008. The album features John's most famous singles ranging from Underpass and Burning Car through to Endlessly and Europe After The Rain, plus classic album tracks (The Garden, He's A Liquid) and his heavily electronic re-interpretations with Louis Gordon of early Ultravox classics such as My Sex and Hiroshima Mon Amour. There's also a selection of material from two of Foxx/Gordon's most under-rated albums Shifting City (1997) and The Pleasures Of Electricity (2001), as well as a sample of his ambient material with Harold Budd and the ongoing Cathedral Oceans project, all of which is due for re-release through Edsel in 2009 and 2010. Cities of Light 5 is a new mix which will also be featured on the forthcoming edition of The Pleasures of Electricity. In addition to Carcrash Flashback from 2006's Sideways and some recent collaborations with Jori Hulkkonen and Metamatics, the new Dub Terror/Karborn mix of Burning Car completes the album, along with the previously unreleased No One Driving (early version) and Plaza (extended).

Disc 1
1. Glimmer
2. Plaza
3. No-One Driving
4. Underpass
5. Quiet City
6. Dislocation
7. 030
8. Twilight's Last Gleaming
9. Sunset Rising
10. Cities Of Light 5
11. Europe After The Rain
12. Hiroshima Mon Amour
13. The Garden
Disc 2
1. Through My Sleeping
2. Endlessly
3. My Sex
4. He's A Liquid
5. Carcrash Flashback V2
6. Dancing Like A Gun
7. Just For A Moment
8. Dislocated (with Jori Hulkkonen)
9. Burning Car
10. Miles Away
11. Stepping Sideways (with Harold Budd)
12. Free Robot (with Metamatics)
13. No-One Driving (early version)
14. Plaza (extended version)
15. Burning Car (Dub Terror/Karborn 2008 mix)