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Outward Journeys 12 Inch£19.99

Outward Journeys CD£13.99

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The Machine Download Download£7.99

The Bunker Tapes (Live at York Cold War Bunker) Download£4.99

The Island Years (4CD Set) Deluxe CD£20.00

21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City CD£10.99

21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City (Deluxe) CD/DVD£14.99

20th Century: The Noise CD Album CD£7.99

Nighthawks CD£9.99

Codex (Limited Edition Hardback Book) CD£11.99

Codex (Limited Edition Hardback Book) CD£11.99

Evidence Of Time Travel (CD) CD£9.99

John Foxx - The Virgin Years (1980 - 1985) CD£16.99

B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica) CD£9.99

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Empty Avenues CD£8.99

Empty Avenues 10 Inch£10.99

European Splendour CD£7.99

Metadelic (Deluxe 3 Disc Set) CD/DVD£9.99

Exponentialism Download£3.49

Exponentialism Download£3.49

Rhapsody Download£7.99

Evidence Download£7.99

The Shape Of Things [Gatefold LP] Heavyweight LP£10.99

Interplay [Gatefold LP] Heavyweight LP£10.99

The Shape Of Things [Download] Download£7.99

Interplay Download£5.99

Sideways (Deluxe Edition) Download£5.99

A New Kind Of Man Download£1.99

Sideways Download£7.99

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Evidence CD£9.99

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Sideways (Deluxe Edition) CD£4.00

DNA (Store Exclusive) CD/DVD£6.99

A New Kind Of Man CD£4.99

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