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Ghost Harmonic

Codex Limited Edition Hardback Book


Release Date: 28/05/2015

Discs: 1

Ghost Harmonic are solo violinist Diana Yukawa, electronic pioneer John Foxx and his collaborator in John Foxx And The Maths - Benge. They’ve been working at Benge’s MemeTune Studios in Shoreditch, London over the last couple of years, creating the Ghost Harmonic sound - a combination of the purity of Diana Yukawa’s violin with the complexity and textured noise of analogue machinery. As Benge puts it, ‘there is something very satisfying about combining Diana’s beautiful 17th Century violin with a subsonic tone-blast from a Moog Modular.’

Limited Edition Hardback Book (1000 copies only)

1 A Green Thought In A Green Shade
2 The Pleasure Of Ruins
3 Dispersed Memory
4 When We Came To This Shore
5 Codex